Winternights proper is today, the last High Day before the new year, which occurs at Samhain for The New Village Grove. So I’ve started reviewing how this year went for me, and for the grove. What worked? What didn’t? Where do we want things to go from here?

This year has been full of ups and downs. I don’t think we’ll be getting our 501(c)(3) before Samhain, but at least the 1023’s finished. We didn’t have a lot of people attending every ritual, but sometimes last minute attendees would surprise us. The second draft of The New Village: A Practice of Neopagan Animism is already almost half again the size it was in the previous draft. The ordeal I went on this summer literally changed my perspectives on a great many aspects of my practice, and solidified my beliefs in ways I never thought possible.

In short, the year since last Samhain has been quite busy.

I stand now at the precipice of what I am and what I could become, and see my way before me. I’m not really afraid of it any longer, though I would say I have a healthy respect for the dangers and challenges still ahead. The last challenge before the new year is Front Range Pagan Pride. This one, in particular, I’m pretty excited about. The next meeting will determine whether connecting with the group in Denver after December will be worth it. I welcome that. I think I will request to be moved back to staff and gopher, so I can still help in meaningful ways but don’t have to make as many meetings. We’ll see.

Here’s hoping the next ritual year is as productive and that blessings continue to grace us.