Ritual done last night, today I write down what I noticed of how life continues, possible changes, interesting coincidences, and so forth.

First, my sinus infection seems to be clearing up, though my voice is going, and probably will for a few days. I only cough now if I change position from standing to lying, or vice versa. This is a marked improvement; is it due to a ritual? Maybe not, but it’s an interesting coincidence that I show such improvement after 16 hours.

The day is colder, and last night/this morning I had to turn on the heater again. Winter is coming. *snicker*

Last night, brief discussion with Dyeus Pter. That was good to keep in mind. He is an interesting deity, and I have some opinions about the discussion I’d like to keep private for now. However, I can say for a fact that within my personal gnosis, Dyeus Pter is neither Jupiter, Tyr, nor Zeus, as has been posited by others studying PIE religion. The name is cognate, but he is certainly different.

The day has gone well, and no surprises have come up, so I think I can say (with a modicum of confidence) that I have at least not offended *Xartus. However, I will keep an eye on things and as the world progresses. I do have some plans, though. In the Deep Ancestors book are a number of recommendations for offering, and two in specific: bread in the shape of an animal (bull, snake, pig, horse, ram, etc.), representing a sacrifice to the Gods, and clarified butter, which burns in fire and represents purity. I will be making hardtack in different shapes and clarified butter the week before Solstice, and probably once or twice before that to ensure I have the practice in.