As I walked to the theater
I thought a thought, I
Thought first of Gods in lofty halls,
Speaking as I walked to Gods above,
Gods walking with me through the dark.
I thought then of the dark,
The cars rushing past along the road
Wond’ring when (not if) I was going to be hit
And thrown to the side like a rabbit.
As I walked to the theater,
I counted the cars driving by,
One, two, ten, twenty,
All speeding past, headlights and taillights,
All that marked the shadow
Of soulless steel that passed.
I walked by dogs barking,
Calling out their refrain,
“Mine! My territory!”
Their barks certainly say.
Darkness again, then
Headlight! sha-Taillight!
Headlight! sha-Taillight!
Shadows of steel bending on wheels
Up and down the darkened road.
As I walked to the theater,
Parks were closed, and trails
Were gated, locked with padlocks,
The keys jingling in some
Pocket miles away from here.
I stood for a minute at the gate,
Before taking the trek around
The edge of the darkened woods.
The roads were cold, and
The roads were damp, and
The barrels were sickly orange.
I strode along, passing one house,
Then two, three, then ten,
Staring at decorations of Holiday cheer,
Keeping an eye to the windows bright,
Families gathering, happy and
Oblivious to what was outside.
And the roads were cold,
Ice formed on whiskers,
Coughs rattled the cage
As it lumbered forward,
Stubbornly onward,
Stubbornly forward,
As I walked to the theater.