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Unfortunately, there is no getting around the current trend in the United States against Islam. This has been growing in spurts since 9/11; I remember a Pakistani friend of mine in Columbus, OH, having to replace the sign in front of his restaurant after 9/11 first occurred, because someone took it on him- or herself to break the sign in a show against Islam and Pakistan. Just recently, a bookstore I used to frequent, Isis Bookstore in Denver, CO, had its sign violated in a similar way after the attacks in France. In this latter case, the folks inside are Pagan, not Muslim, but the identification of ISIS for the Islamic State terrorists has culminated in a painful backlash for those following the Egyptian Goddess or associating with her. (I’ll probably say something about that tomorrow, though it’s not really PIE related.)

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"The Lord tells me He can get me out of this mess, but he's pretty sure you're f***ed".
-Stephen, Braveheart